: Resume :

Alexandra Juhasz

Brooklyn College
201 West End Building
2900 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11210

ph: (718) 951-5664




Harvard University:
   Management Development Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Summer 2004.

New York University:
   Doctorate "With Distinction" in Cinema Studies, February, 1992.
   Jay Leyda Memorial Award for Outstanding Master's Student, 1988.

   Doctoral dissertation with Bob Stam, Faye Ginsburg, Paul Arthur:
   Re-Mediating AIDS: The Politics of Community Produced Video.

   Awarded 1993 Society for Cinema Studies' First Prize, "Dissertation Award."

Whitney Independent Studio Program:
   Year long artist's program sponsored by the Whitney Museum, 1987-88.

Amherst College:
   B.A., Summa Cum Laude, American Studies and English, 1986.
   Phi Beta Kappa.


Brooklyn College/Feirstein School of Cinema: Chair, Film Department.

Principle Investigator: Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges, Mellon Foundation, 2014-2019: 1.5 million dollar grant focused upon pedagogy and research.

Munroe Center for Social Inquiry, Director, 2013-2016.

CU Boulder:
   Distinguished Visiting Faculty in Film Studies, Summer 2012.

USC: Sabbatical Adjunct Professor, School of Cinematic Arts, Fall 2011.

Claremont Graduate University
   Chair, Cultural Studies Department, 2005-2007.
   Professor: Cultural Studies, Art, English Departments: 1997-present.

Pitzer College
   Media history, theory, and production, women's,  queer and cultural studies.
   Professor, 2003-2016.
   Associate Professor: 1997-2003.
   Assistant Professor: 1995-1997.
   Associate Dean of the Faculty: 2004-2005.

Bryn Mawr College
  Mellon Fellow in Race, Sexuality and Representation, 1994-1995.

Swarthmore College
  Assistant Professor, English and Women's Studies, 1991-1994.

New York University
  Adjunct Instructor, Cinema Studies, 1990.


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Identity, Community and Alternative Video
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space space space space space


EVERYDAY: Co-curated by Jean Carlomusto and Hugh Ryan. Art show explores the AIDS crisis (historically and currently) through the lens of art and ephemera that looks at and evidences daily experiences & practices in response to HIV/AIDS.

COMPULSIVE PRACTICE: Visual AIDS Video Program, Day (With) Out Art, 2016.
Co-curated with Jean Carlomusto and Hugh Ryan: www.visualaids.org/projects/detail/compulsive-practice

  • Screened at New Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Studio Museum of Harlem, the Whitney, and nearly 100 institutions world wide, many with public programming.
  • Featured in ArtForum, www.artforum.com/video/id=65073

"PerpiTube: Repurposing Social Media Spaces," co-curated with Pato Hebert, on YouTube and at Nichols Art Gallery, Pitzer College, July-September, 2011:
www.youtube.com/PerpiTubeSpace and www.pitzer.edu/artgalleries.

  • Selections in "hyper-modern-alter-anti," curated by Cindy Smith, CAA, 2012.
  • Selections in Video Vortex, Zagreb, 2012. Curated by Tihomir Milovac.



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ON THE INTERNET (Miscellaneous: Blogs, Interviews, Shows)

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LIFE ONLINE (Programming, Editing, Blogs and Sundry Activities)


YouTube: Fall 2007-present: http://www.youube.com/mediapraxisme.

MEDIA PRAXIS: A Radical Website Integrating Theory, Politics, and Production: http://www.mediapraxis.org

FemTechNet: Distributed Open Collaborative Course: http://femtechnet.newschool.edu/

Feminist/Anti-Racist WikiStorm, CGU, Fall 2012.

“PerpiTube: Repurposing Social Media Spaces,” co-curated with Pato Hebert, on YouTube and at Nichols Art Gallery, Pitzer College, July-September, 2011: www.youtube.com/PerpiTubeSpace and www.pitzer.edu/artgalleries.
- Selections in “hyper-modern-alter-anti,” curated by Cindy Smith, CAA, 2012.
- Selections in Video Vortex, Zagreb, 2012. Curated by Tihomir Milovac.

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UnionDocs, Brooklyn: Moderator, film screening, Deep Run. October 2016.

Black/Feminist/Lesbian/Queer/Trans* Cultural Production: A Symposium Honoring the 20th Anniversary of Cheryl Dunye’s “The Watermelon Woman”:
conference organizer and Plenary Panel Chair, September 2016.

CUNY Grad Center: affect bleeds in feminist social networks, September 2016.

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OCADU:  Towards ThirdTube: Feminist Online Self-Reflexive Critical Pedagogy, 2011

NYU: Towards ThirdTube: Feminist Online Self-Reflexive Critical Pedagogy, 2011.

Women in View: Sex, Money, Media: Keynote Speaker, Simon Fraser University, 2010.

UC Berkeley: Women, Poverty and Globalization Series, Revolt on YouTube, 2010.

USC: Vectors, Summer Humanities Institute, Publishing Learning from YouTube, 2010.

Carnegie Mellon: Center for Arts in Society, Collaboration in Media Studies, 2010.

UCSD: Youth Media, Sensory Ability, and Visual Culture: Learning from Fred, 2010.

UC Riverside: The Corpus of Corpus, 2010.

Brown University, Animating Archives, "Publishing Learning from YouTube," 2009.

USCS: New Trends in Media Studies Speaker's Series, "Publishing Learning from YouTube, 2009.

Boston University: Ulrike Ottinger Symposium: A Critical Symposium, 2009.

Harvard University: Activism, Art and the AIDS Crisis, Remarks, 2009.

University of Iowa: Keynote address, Avant-Doc: Intersections of the Avant-Garde and Documentary, "Irony is Ubiquitous," 2009.

Elearn: Invited Speaker, AACE, "Five Lessons of YouTube," 2008.

UC Riverside: AIDS, Memory and Activism. 2008.

CUNY Grad Center, CLAGS, AIDS/Art/Work, 2008.

Fowler Museum, UCLA, To Dream and Dance with the Censor: AIDS Video, 2008.

LACE, Institutions at Risk (Cultural Institutions and the AIDS Crisis), 2008.

USC: DIY Summit, The State of the Art, Learning from YouTube, 2008.

Pacific Film Archive, F is for Phony, 2008.

University of Oregon: Screening and faculty seminar on Black Male Sexuality, 2007.

Claremont Graduate University: Bradshaw Conference, Politics of Culture, 2007.

Irvine: Keywords: Immunity: 2006.

Cal Arts: AIDS and Video, 2006.

UCLA: Symposium: Out of the Closet, Into the Vaults: 2006.

Scripps Humanities Institute: F is for Phony: 2005.

UCSB: Keynote Speaker, Looking Beyond the Written Word, "Media Praxis," 2005.

Rutgers University, History Department: Memory, Race and the Archive: 2005.

UCLA, Make Art/Stop AIDS: 2004.

Fire in the Library, Conversations on the Future: Organized by Eugenia Butler, 2004.

Ohio University, Feminist Activist Video, 2004.

Middlebury College: Women and Prison, 2003.

Reelife: College of Sante Fe, 2002.

4th Women's Film Festival in Soeul: Activist Video, 2002.

Queer Graduation: Selected Speaker, Claremont Colleges, 2002.

Pomona College: Documentary and Sociology Conference, 2002.

Amherst College: "Naming Prairie and Making Family," 2002.

UC Riverside: Sexualities and Knowledges, featured speaker, 2002.

University of Wyoming: "Trauma and Video," 2001.

Persistent Vision: "Fever in the Archive," 2001.

Guggenheim Museum: "Fever in the Archive," AIDS Activist Video Retrospective, 2000.

Outfest: panel moderator, "Lesbianism, Feminism, Film: Where are We Now?" 1999.

USC: "Making Alternative Film: The Watermelon Woman," September 1998.

Outfest: "Violence in Queer Cinema," July 1998.

San Francisco Camerawork: "Representing AIDS in a New Decade," June 1998.

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Independent Feature Project/West, 1997 Independent Financing Conference, April 1997.

NYU, Media, Culture, and Humanities Center: "Autobahn Straight to the Center:
The Commodification of the New Queer Cinema," March 1997.

USC: Screening and discussion of The Watermelon Woman, December 1996.

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UCLA: "AIDS TV," symposium on media and activism, Film Studies, March 1996.

Cal State San Bernadino: "Feminist Film and Video," November 1995.

Hampshire College: Workshop on activist video, September 1994.

Temple University: MFA Colloquium, presentation on feminist and AIDS video, May 1994.

Trenton State University: "AIDS TV: Women and Video," February 1994.

Temple Communications Dept. Colloquium: "Video Art and Activism," April 1993.

Bryn Mawr College: "Pleasure and Danger in Women’s Pornography," March 1993.

Columbia University Film Seminar: Respondent for paper presented by Ella Shohat,
March 1993.

Bryn Mawr College: "Hateful Images: Women's Bodies in the Media," Oct. and Nov. 1992.

University of Rochester Screening, Series of New Works By Women.
Screening and talk. December 1991.

Pittsburgh Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. "Watching Video/Constructing Community."
Panelist on day long symposium concerning Marginality and Film Reception. Oct. 1991.

WE CARE: 50 community screenings and presentations including: The Whitney Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, Donnell Media Center, Women in the Director's Chair Festival, Downtown Community Television Center. Fall, 1990 through Spring, 1991.

"Makers as Users Conference." Speaker on panel concerning activist media production,
Hunter College. November, 1990.

The Humanities Institute, New York University, "The Reception of Culturally Specific Work by Cultural Outsiders." November, 1990.

"Videos and Films by Women." Hunter College, Department of Art. June, 1990.

"A Week of Sundays." Screening and discussion at St. Clement’s Church on women and AIDS. November, 1989.

New film and video, Brown University. "Videos on Women and AIDS." Screening and discussion of AIDS tapes for weekly seminar. April, 1989.

The Kitchen, NY. "Video for Advocacy, Resistance and Self-Empowerment." Screening and discussion. April, 1988.

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Media Praxis Online Publication: www.mediapraxis.org


Creativity and Innovation Course Planning Grant Award, 5C creativity and innovation initiative, 2015.

Pembroke Center for Research on Women, Technology grant for FemTechNet, 2013.

Canadian Research Council, symposium support, FemTechNet, 2013.

UC HRI Working Group Grant, FemTechNet, 2012.

Mellon Local-Global Curriculum Development Grant: Feminist Dialogues on Tech., 2012.

2011 BLAIS Challenge Award: Feminist, Anti-Racist Networking, 2011-12.

Researcher, Getty Funded Exhibit and Publication, for Pacific Standard Time:
The Art of the Woman’s Building, 2009-10.

Fellow: NEH Summer Fellowship program, USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy, 2009.

Changemaker's Grant: Media Praxis class, 2008.

ACE Fellow in Academic Administration: Fellowship finalist, 2005.

Project Pericles: Course development for "Video and Diversity," Summer 2004.

Pitzer in Ontario Teaching Grant: course development, Summer 2003.

NEH Summer Seminar: Punishment, Society and Culture, Amherst College, 2002.

Mellon Intercultural Learning Through Technology Grant, 2001.

CCCSI: Summer Research Grant for Community Video, 2000.

Mellon Project of the Claremont Colleges: Summer Research Grant, 1997.

Irvine Enterprise Award for Service Learning: To support participation in "ISM" project. One of 12 schools selected for national Ford Foundation funded video project.

Mellon Fellowship: Bryn Mawr College, 1994-95.

The Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund for Independent Video: Criticism Grant for the completion of the article "Body/Image in Women’s Video."

Society for Cinema Studies: Dissertation Award, First Place, 1993.

Amherst College. Copeland Fellow for dissertation research and writing. A residential fellowship for the Spring term, 1991.

New York University. Jay Leyda Memorial Award, 1988; Lew and Eddie Wasserman Scholarship, 1986-87. Teaching and Graduate Assistantships, 1987-1990.

Amherst College. Henry P. Field and Amherst Memorial Fellowships, 1986-90; George Rogers Taylor Prize, 1986. Phi Beta Kappa. Summa Cum Laude.


PAM Residency: with Laila Shereen Sakr, 2015.

Wexner Center for the Arts: Editing Fellowship for SCALE: 2007.

Columbia College Institute for Women and Gender in the Media and Arts.
Research grant for SCALE (2007).

Nominee: Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship (1994, 2000, 2002)
Alpert Award in the Arts (2003)

C-100, Inc., Production Support for Released, 2000.

Astraea Fund for Women: post-production grant for Women of Vision, 1998.

California Council on the Humanities: Research Award for Women of Vision, 1994.

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Second Place in Student Documentary for Safer and Sexier: A College Student’s Guide to Safer Sex, 1994.

Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Completion Grant, 1992.

New York Foundation for the Arts. Video Fellowship, 1991.

New York Council for the Arts. Distribution Grant, 1991.

Women Make Movies. Editing Award, 1990.

New York Council for the Humanities. Pre-Production and Production Grants, 1989-90.

Astraea Fund for Women. Production Grant, 1990.

ArtMatters. Production Grant, 1989.

Global Village. Artist-in-Residence Grant, 1988.



Video Exhibitions

Feature Film Production

Documentary Production


Presidential Search Committee, Alternate: 2015.

Director, MCSI: 2013-2016.

Pitzer Representative to Digital Humanities Mellon Grant Steering Committee.

Pitzer Representative to WitsOn: online mentoring for women in STEM.

Advancement, Promotion and Tenure: elected committee, 2008-10.

Chair, Diversity Committee: 2004-5, 2011-13.
  Co-chair, Policy Task Force on Affirmative Action.

Chair, Committee on Campus Climate and Civility: 2004-5.

Co-chair, Ad-hoc Committee on Educational Objectives, 2004-5.

Trustees Committee on Social Responsibility: 2004-5.

Elected to Faculty Executive Committee: 2000-2002.

Diversity Committee: 2001-02.

Academic Standards Committee: 1999-2000.

Chair, Academic Events Committee, 1996-97; member 1995-96.

Voting member, Gender and Feminist Studies field group, 1995-7.

Founding member, Inter-collegiate Media Studies group, 1995-present.

Founding Member, Lamda Committee on GLBT of the Claremont Colleges, Spring, 1997.

Screening Series, Organized and Funded:
  Pitzer Cinematheque (funded by the Pitzer Forum 2001-03),
  Imagining Labor (the Forum, 2001-02) ,
  F is for Phony (the Forum, 2000),
  InMediate Future (Weigund Grant, 1999)

Alumni in Media, Day-Long Conference, 2001.

Presentations: Alumni Weekends, Parent’s Days, 1995-present.

Media Studies Job Search Committees: Pomona (2), CMC (1), Pitzer (2)

PhD Committees, CGU Cultural Studies

S. Kafai, “Re-inscribing Disability: The Performative Activism of Sins Invalid” (2014)

A. Thorne, “Framing a Blaxicana Identity: A Cultural Ethnography of Family, Race, and Community in The Valley Homes Lincoln Heights, Ohio, 1955-1960” (2012)

S. Falero, “Everyone's a Critic: Television Without Pity.com and the Dynamics of Audience Agency” (2011)

M. Cartier, Baby, “You are my Religion: The Emergence of ‘Theelogy’ in Pre-Stonewall Butch-femme/gay Women's Bar Culture and Community” (2010)

T. Larkin, “The Vismistic Triadic of Activism, Artivism, Performativism: Performing Artistic Praxis as Aesthetic Identity” (2011)

F. Avalos, “The two sided coin: an examination of on-line and off-line communication in social justice movements” (2009)

N. Shaked, “The Paradox of Identity Politics as an Agent in Critical Art: 1970's-1990's” (2007)

J. Lerner, “The Ruins of Modernity: The Maya in the Modernist Imagination, 1839—2003” (2006)

D. Sandoval, “Bajito y Suavecito/Low and Slow: Cruising Through Lowrider Culture” (2003)


Co-Curator, Obsessive Video Practice. Day With(Out) Art, Decmber 1, 2016.

Co-Curator, EVERDAY. Visual AIDS Art Show, La Mama, December 2016

Herb Alpert Award Panelist: 2015.

Prison Based Education Efforts with the Prison Education Project: 2014-2015.

Peer Panelist, COLA Award, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of LA, 2013.

Evaluator: Swiss National Science Foundation Commission for Public Science Communication; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: 2011.

PerpiTube Symposium, day-long event, Pitzer College, 2011.

Fire in the Belly, Roundtable on Censorship, LACE, 2010

Queer Mentor, SCMS Queer Caucus Mentor Program, 2010-present.

Doctoral Program Evaluator, Becoming Media, for the Austrian Science Fund, 2009.

Project advisor, beta-testing: www.socratube.com and TheWebisodes.com, 2008.

Resolutions3, Contemporary Video Art Practices, Advisory Committee, 2008-09.

WASC Accreditation Evaluation Team Member for Art Center College of Design, 2007.

GLQ: Editor, Moving Image Section: 2008-2013.

Cinema Journal Editorial Board: 2003-8.

Outsider Evaluator for Promotion and Tenure:
   So. IL, Rutgers, UCSB, CUNY State Island, 2014
   Bryn Mawr, Smith, Brown, 2013.
   Univ. of Toronto, UCSD, CUNY, Bennett College, 2012.
   FSU, 2011.
   Ohio and Bentley Universities, USC, 2010;
   USC, Syracuse, and American Universities, 2009;
   Boston University, USC, UC Riverside, 2008.
   Harvey Mudd, 2007.
   CU Boulder, Summer 2007;
   Boston University, 2006;
   UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Harvey Mudd College, 2005.
   American Univ., Irvine, 2004;
   UCSD, 2003;
   Occidental College, CGU, UCLA Art, 2002;
   Univ of Rochester, UCLA, 2001;
   University of Denver, 2000.

Manuscript and Journal Reviews for:
Southern Illinois, University Press, Duke University Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of Toronto Press, GLQ, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Routledge Press, IJLM, Columbia University Press, Continuum Books, Rutgers University Press, MELUS, First Monday, Ashgate Publishing, SAGE, Intellect Books, Journal of Television and New Media, The Scholar & Feminist Online.

Women in the Director's Chair 20th Anniversary, Honorary Chairperson, 2000.

Documentary competition judge, Outfest, 2002.


PerpiTube: RePurposing Social Media Spaces

Artillery Mag 6:2 (Nov/Dec): “Featured Review: PerpiTube,” Christopher Michno, http://www.artillerymag.com/mini-reviews/.

Inland Empire Weekly: “Viral Art,” by Jessica Druck: http://www.ieweekly.com/cms/story/detail/viral_art/4058/.

Learning From YouTube

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Humanities Scholars Discuss Their 'Shared Mental Map' for a New Age of Digital Communication, by Jennifer Howard. http://chronicle.com/article/Humanities-Scholars-Discuss/128282/


Video Remains

Christoper Castiglia and Christopher Reed, If Memory Serves: Gay Men, AIDS and the Promise of the Queer Past (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2012): Chapter 5.

Roger Hallas, Reframing Bodies: AIDS, Bearing Witness and the Queer Moving Image (Durham: Duke University Press, 2009).

Featured on kcet.org/explore-ca


Women of Vision

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F is for Phony

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Dear Gabe

Educational Media Reviews online: Dear Gabe, Liza Flanzrich: 2006.