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Media Studies, Pitzer College
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“Access Denied, Internet Dark: Technology, Prison, Education,” Lady Justice: New Criticals, http://www.newcriticals.com/access-denied-internet-dark-technology-prison-education.

“Learning from (Where) YouTube (Can’t Go): Inside-Out,” Lady Justice: New Criticals, January 18, 2015: http://www.newcriticals.com/learning-from-youtube.

“AIDS Reruns: Becoming ‘Normal’? A Conversation on ‘The Normal Heart’ and the Media Ecology of HIV/AIDS,” with Ted Kerr, Indiewire, August 18, 2014:             http://blogs.indiewire.com/bent/aids-reruns-becoming-normal-a-conversation-on-the-normal-heart-and-the-media-ecology-of-hiv-aids-20140818

“Home Video Returns: Media Ecologies of the Past of HIV/AIDS,” Cineaste (May 2014): http://cineaste.com/articles/aids-article

“Queer Feminist Media Praxis,” ADA 5 (Summer 2014), co-editor with Aristae Fotopoulou and Kate O’Riordan: http://adanewmedia.org/issues/issue-archives/issue5.

“Conclusion: It’s our Collective, Principled Making that Matters Most,” ADA 5 (Summer 2014): http://adanewmedia.org/2014/07/issue5-juhasz/

“Acts of Signification Survival,” Jump Cut 55 (Fall 2013): http://www.ejumpcut.org/trialsite/JuhaszAidsDocs/index.html

“Conversations Across the Fields: An Idea Whose Time is Here: FemTechNet – A Distributed Online Collaborative Course (DOCC),” ADA Issue One, Winter 2012. http://adanewmedia.org/2012/11/issue1-juhasz.

“Fred Rant,” Transformative Works and Cultures 9 (2012),
special issue on Fan/Remix Video: http://journal.transformativeworks.org/index.php/twc/article/view/295/258.

“Feminist Labor in Media Studies/Communication: Is Self-Branding Feminist Practice?” with Sarah Banet-Weiser, International Journal of Communication  5 (2011): http://ijoc.org/ojs/index.php/ijoc/article/view/1315/651.

“A Place in the Online Feminist Documentary Cyber-Closet,” Media Fields Journal 3 (Fall 2011) special issue, "Documentary and Space": http://www.mediafieldsjournal.org

“A Truly New Genre,” Inside Higher Ed, May 3, 2011: http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2011/05/03/

FRAMES cinema journal, “You Get the Picture,” for Special Issue, "Film and Moving Image Studies: Reborn Digital?" ed. Catherine Grant 1 (July 2012): http://framescinemajournal.com/yougetthe.

“AIDS Video: To Dream and Dance with the Censor,” Jump Cut 52 (Summer 2010): http://www.ejumpcut.org/gatewaypages/juhaszAIDS/text.html.

“The Views of the Feminist Archive,” FLOW 11:14 (2010): http://flowtv.org/?p=4996.

“On the Online Publishing and Re-Purposing of Learning from YouTube,” Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, 8 (2010): http://enculturation.gmu.edu.

Introduction to “Visual Culture Video Essays: collage of three student videos from Visual Research Methods course,” AudioVisual Thinking 2:2, 2010. http://www.audiovisualthinking.org/videos/issue02/roland_barthes/

“A Lesbian Collective Aesthetic: Making and Teaching The OWLS,” Films for the Feminist Classroom 2:1 (Spring 2010): http://www.signs.rutgers.edu/juhasz_feature_2-1.html.

“The Increasingly UnProductive Fake,” No More Potlucks 4 (July-August 2009) http://nomorepotlucks.org

“Learning The 5 Lessons of YouTube,” International Journal of Learning and Media 1:1 (Winter 2009). http://ijlm.net

ON THE INTERNET (Miscellaneous: Blogs, Interviews, Shows)

VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel, How Many Views Does It Take to EMPOWER?, From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis, YouTube and Women’s Empowerment, March 17, 2015.

Fembotcollective.org: Multimodal Editing and the Future: January 2014. http://fembotcollective.org

MediaCommons Front Page Contribution on sharing, 2013:

Figure/Ground Communication interview, 2013: http://figureground.ca/alexandra-juhasz.

Visual AIDS interview, 2013: http://www.visualaids.org/blog/detail/i-made-my-mourning-productive-collective-and-interactive-through-video-prod.

“Bodies in Classrooms: Feminist Dialogues on Technology, Part 1” interview by Liz Losh. http://DMLCentral.net/blog/liz-losh/bodies-classrooms-feminist-dialogues-technology-part-i.

Fembot, Laundry Day, Feminist Media Production, “making connections. making things. making the feminist-Internet”: http://fembotcollective.org/blog/2012/06/08/

“Aca-fandom and Beyond,” a conversation with Derek Kompare and Jay Bushman,” Confessions of an Aca-Fan, August 18 and 19, 2011: henryjenkins.org/2011/08/aca-fandom_and_beyond_alex_juh.html?utm_source=feedburner

Social Media Optimization & the New Web, class at UW-Whitewater, video at GameZombie TV @ gamezombie.tv. October, 2011.

“A Conversation with Alexandra Juhasz,” CulturalStudies podcast (2011).

“Learning from YouTube: An Interview with Alexandra Juhasz,” Confessions on an Aca-Fan, 2008: henryjenkins.org/2008/02/

“Teaching on YouTube,” OpenCulture, February 22, 2008: www.oculture.com/2008/04/teaching_on_youtube.php

“Commentary: Learning from Fred,” Teacher’s College Record (September 8, 2008). http://www.tcrecord.org/content.asp?contentid=15367       

LIFE ONLINE (Programming, Editing, Blogs and Sundry Activities)


Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges:
Developing Capacity and Community 2014-present. http://claremontdh.wordpress.com,

Munroe Center for Social Inquiry, 2013-present. http://mcsipitzer.com

Feminist Online Spaces. 2011-present. http://www.feministonlinespaces.com/

Media Praxis. Summer 2007-present: http://www.aljean.wordpress.com

YouTube: Fall 2007-present: http://www.youube.com/mediapraxisme.

MEDIA PRAXIS: A Radical Website Integrating Theory, Politics, and Production: http://www.mediapraxis.org

FemTechNet: Distributed Open Collaborative Course: http://femtechnet.newschool.edu/

Feminist/Anti-Racist WikiStorm, CGU, Fall 2012.

“PerpiTube: Repurposing Social Media Spaces,” co-curated with Pato Hebert, on YouTube and at Nichols Art Gallery, Pitzer College, July-September, 2011: www.youtube.com/PerpiTubeSpace and www.pitzer.edu/artgalleries.
- Selections in “hyper-modern-alter-anti,” curated by Cindy Smith, CAA, 2012.
- Selections in Video Vortex, Zagreb, 2012. Curated by Tihomir Milovac.

“Distraction Span: Technologies of Productive Disruption,” 2011, co-editor with Brian Goldfarb, The New Everday, MediaCommons: http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/tne.

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